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Clarkston, Michigan
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Samantha’s Career Goals

I want to own a physical therapy practice after I spend some time in the field. Maybe even be a traveling PT for awhile to be exposed to a multiple different styles and clinic management.

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Samantha Oct 05, 2018 727 views

PT school deadline

Does anyone know how long it will be until you find out if you get accepted into graduate school, PT more specifically? #admissions #college-admissions #graduate-school #PTschool #admissiondecisions

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Samantha Oct 05, 2018 735 views

Can you apply to scholarships before you get accepted to a school?

I have been applying to some scholarships already and they ask what school I am going to. I am not currently in school and applying to a physical therapy program. Can I start applying to scholarships or do I have to wait until I get that acceptance letter? #college #scholarship...

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Samantha Aug 03, 2018 720 views

Traveling Physical Therapist

Is anyone on here a traveling PT? What are the pros and cons of the job? #travel #physicaltherapy #travelingPT #physical-therapy #physical-therapist

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Samantha Aug 03, 2018 1196 views

Stress Relief Activities During Grad School

What are some stress relief activities that you have done while you were in graduate school and how consistent were you with them? Did you think they made a difference in your focus? #school #graduate-school #stressrelief #stress

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Samantha Jul 13, 2018 951 views

Dealing with debt

How is everyone else dealing with all the student loan debt? When I get out of PT school I will be looking at $100,000 in debt. While I will be loving what I do, that number gives me anxiety. How is everyone paying off their student loan debt? #debt #personal-finance #student-loans #anxiety

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Samantha Jul 13, 2018 711 views

Are scholarships worth it?

I applied to numerous amount of scholarships when I was in undergraduate school and I received one that was through one of my professor's friend. However, the ones I applied online from all of the scholarship search engines came up blank. I am now applying to graduate school and I am wondering...

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Samantha Mar 15, 2018 748 views

What are some saving tips for grad school?

I will be applying in about five months and then have about another year until grad school. I have been budgeting my money and setting money aside but what are other things I could be doing to reduce the amount of loans I am going to be taking out? #gradschool #tuitionisexpensive #savingtips...

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Samantha Mar 15, 2018 682 views

Will big physical therapy companies wipe out private practices?

I work at a physical therapy clinic that has multiple locations. I was talking about owning my own practice when I get out of school. The feedback I received from them is basically saying that there was no point because the big companies are going to back all the private practices go out of...