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What specific items on resumes stand out most to law schools?

For example, in skills, something such as "Good analytical and critical thinking skills." Something specific and the category it would be categorized under would be very helpful, thank you. #university #law #resume

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2 answers

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Ajay’s Answer

Focus on things that make you unique but showcase the skills that you think a law school would look for. Instead of mentioning critical thinking skills by itself, identify a project or a previous work experience where you were able to use your critical thinking skills to solve a problem. Focus on putting these skills into the Experience or Education sections of a resume, not a separate skills section,

Don't be afraid to describe the event and how you were able to showcase the skill. If you know the law school is known for a particular area (for example, corporate law), showcase your interest in corporate law, learning corporate law, or experience in a corporate setting.

Also, highlight activities and events you took part in while at school. Don't be afraid to mention a one-time event if it left an impression - show the law school admissions team that you have experience or desire to experience different things.

Ajay recommends the following next steps:

Look at the law school's website to see what it prides itself on doing (environmental law, corporate, community law) and see if it's a good fit.

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Alexandra’s Answer

Law schools will look at your GPA and your LSAT result. Those two are very basic, primary decision-making factors. However, they may also be impressed if you did certain type of work or were involved in law-related extracurricular activities. For example, if you volunteered for a legal aid organization or for the ACLU, or participated in after school activities like debate, model UN, speech competitions. A lot of law school applicants have some background working as paralegals. Law schools will also be impressed if you worked for the state or federal government or if you were a research assistant to a professor, who publishes articles on social science/social justice topics.