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What is it like to be a psychologist for a day?

Asked Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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ROBIN’s Answer

Updated Lake City, Colorado

In our private practice we hold 45 minutes sessions beginning at 9:00 am until 6:15 pm with an hour for a lunch break. During that time we mostly see individuals in therapy sessions, conduct intake diagnostic interviews, do psychological testing and report writing, and return phone calls. Sometimes we consult with attorneys, employers, school professionals, treating physicians or make court appearances. With confidentiality issues we can only discuss a patient's file and therapy notes with their permission; that is, their signature on a Consent Form identifying exactly with whom the information may be shared and the range of dates this may be allowed . Limits of confidentiality may allow us to use clinical judgment to break the confidentiality only when a patient may be suicidal or homicidal. It is important to remain focused on the patient in front of you and not carry forth thoughts and feelings from prior patients seen during the day. Most patients have chosen to schedule their visits and are cooperative, although sometimes youth may be resistant if forced to begin therapy by their parents. It can be a highly rewarding profession as it is known as a "helping profession." Each of our therapists truly enjoy their work and are rewarded with seeing patients discover change and improvements in relationships, ability to focus, decision-making, and improved mood.