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Travis T. Feb 08, 2017 512 views

In which types of environments can someone get a job as a chef?

I want to be a chef. What are the types of workplaces that will hire a chef? #hospitality...


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Jada S. Aug 31, 2017 473 views

What's the most important skill to have to become an entrepreneur?

It's challenging to become an entrepreneur, especially during this time period. I know for me it won't be easy, but I'm very determined to do whatever it takes to become my own boss. Although, there might be people above me still, its something that I think could really go well with being a...

#entrepreneurship #business-management #hospitality

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Catera G. Aug 02, 2018 227 views

What classes should you take if you want to become a Psychology Teacher?

I want to get into the education department. #professional #psychology...


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Camryn C. Aug 14, 2018 179 views

What would be a beneficial minor next to a psychology major?

I want to be a child psychologist one day, but some schools I plan to apply for require a minor. I want to be able to help individuals and have thought about opening a mental health store. This makes me wonder if business might be a good minor. #university #psychology #majors-and-minors...


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Tulip T. Aug 23, 2018 175 views

Should I worry about my future work schedule?

I want to be a doctor at a hospital but I’m afraid to go into the health field and work there because I know a doctors work schedule is early in the morning and you have to be on call. #doctor #hospital...


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Jennifer Y. Oct 22, 2018 181 views

I like to do arts and crafts...

What would be a good career for me? #art #college...