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What are some tips/tricks available to survive nursing school?

I’ve heard that nursing school is a place where you HAVE to be focused at all times. What is some advice that can be given to make this a smoother journey?
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2 answers

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Lisa’s Answer

Hi Destiny M. !

Great question. No's not easy but I can tell you 100% worth every second I spent in the books. My life is so much better now that I am a nurse now!

You have to cut yourself some slack. Take time for you. If that is going out on Friday night with your friends, or staying home to watch a movie. Make time for yourself. It's hard because nursing school owns you right? I would try and keep Sunday nights free so I could have dinner with my family or go to a football party etc. You have to find some sort of stress release for yourself. I would also take breaks from studying and take a walk, go swimming, do nothing for a half hour whatever, I needed to do, power nap sometimes. Just remember this journey in nursing school is temporary...You have to give up so much for so much in the long run. Best decision I made! Well worth it!

Hope this is helpful.


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Bradley’s Answer

Get with a study group to help take some of the stress of trying to figure out the right answer. In a group you have a chance to see thing s from someone else's point of view and that will give you an edge on exam day. Nursing school is one of the hardest things you will accomplish but the reward at the end is well worth it. I do agree with taking time for yourself by running, watching a movie with friends or family etc.. I would recommend some kind of exercise for the stress reliever because you will have stress and exercise is the best way to get rid of it. The last thing I would recommend is to find a senior nurse to help you process what you are going through. My mother in-law, with twenty plus year of nursing experience, was my mentor and it was well worth having her to talk to on the rough days. You will do great!