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James May 28, 2018 682 views

What are qualities that make a student stand out among all the others in college ?


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Jocelyn Oct 23, 2016 1389 views

What are the best and worst parts of being a trauma nurse?

I want to know what to expect if I am going into this field. I feel like it's really emotionally and mentally taxing, and I don't know if I could hack it. #trauma-nursing #nurse #nursing #emergency-medicine

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Nyquasha Feb 09, 2017 1342 views

What is it like to be a registered nurse (RN)?

I would like to know more about this career. Thank you! #nursing #registered-nurses #nurse-practitioner #pediatric-nursing #nursing-education #trauma-nursing #home-care-nursing

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Jocelyn Oct 23, 2016 835 views

How hard is it to balance a family life and be work as a trauma or critical care nurse?

I have wanted to be a nurse that works in the ICU division for quite a while now, but recently a counselor told me that I would not be able to have a family at all. She also said that if I tried to it would pointless and I would be miserable. I want a family when I get older; that's something I...

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Sarah May 14, 2018 783 views

Should I get my ADN and go back later for my BSN or go for my BSN

I’ve heard and read about several people saying that going for four years is a waste of money because you do not do anything your first two years. My Career Prep. teacher said I should just do my ADN because nurses who have their BSN only make 25 cents more. I’m not sure what I want to do...

Madison’s Avatar
Madison May 12, 2016 932 views

What should you expect if you want to become a trauma nurse?

I have always wanted to become a nurse and within the last few months I have been looking into the different kinds of things I can do with a nursing degree and decided trauma nursing sounded interesting and something different from what I would of expected but I'm still not quite sure on what...

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kathryn Oct 27, 2020 554 views

For nurses, are your schedules all mixed up and crazy?

I want to know this answer because I was thinking about being a nurse I would just like to know if your schedules are crazy. #nurse #schedules

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Arabella Oct 27, 2020 2281 views

If you want to become a registered nurse can you go straight to nursing school after graduating high school?

I have always had an interest in nursing because of the program I'm in at my local high school and having to be able to work in a hospital has always been a goal for me career wise and having to be the first person in my family that is in the medical field is a really amazing accomplishment....

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Destiny Aug 11, 2018 552 views

What are some tips/tricks available to survive nursing school?

I’ve heard that nursing school is a place where you HAVE to be focused at all times. What is some advice that can be given to make this a smoother journey?
#school #majors #schooling #exams #nursing

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Amy Apr 17, 2018 584 views

What percentage of nurses further their education past RN (Associates)?

#registered-nurses #nurse #nursing #healthcare #hospital-and-healthcare

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Ty'Shundria Apr 16, 2019 668 views

what other strengths or expernices might i need to be a nurse?

#nurse #help

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Ossiris Apr 25, 2019 472 views

What is the most challenging aspect of working at this job?

#Medicine #Nurse Anesthetists

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Rosheana May 31, 2019 458 views

What is a typical day like as a certified nursing assistant?

# #nursing

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Tenzin Oct 06, 2020 505 views

How do I become a nursing major?

I'm currently a Bio major, on the pre-med track. I wanted to know how to become a nursing major. #nursing