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Sarah May 14, 2018 908 views

What is the best way to retain what you’re learning?

What are the best ways to study? How do you memorize things efficiently? Best way to prepare for a exam/test/quiz? How can you retain what you’re learning, remember it? #studying #exam #help #scared #learning #remembering #studying-tips #learning

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Sarah May 14, 2018 834 views

What is life like after college?

What is it like leaving college having a job in the field you studied and living on your own? Is it hard to buy a house after you graduate? What’s the best way to save money and build credit in college while also paying normal expenses and for college? #help #scacred #confused #college #money

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Sarah May 14, 2018 782 views

Should I get my ADN and go back later for my BSN or go for my BSN

I’ve heard and read about several people saying that going for four years is a waste of money because you do not do anything your first two years. My Career Prep. teacher said I should just do my ADN because nurses who have their BSN only make 25 cents more. I’m not sure what I want to do...