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What is the best way to retain what you’re learning?

What are the best ways to study? How do you memorize things efficiently? Best way to prepare for a exam/test/quiz? How can you retain what you’re learning, remember it? #studying #exam #help #scared #learning #remembering #studying-tips #learning

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3 answers

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Jasanpreet Kaur’s Answer

The best way to retain what you are learning is through writing. Though it is a bit time taking but at the end it is the most effective method of memorizing things.

I highly recommend to all the students to create their class-notes either in the class or as soon as they are free.

leisure time is the best time to utilize. Self created notes are easier to memorize and act as a big time saver during exams. Another important thing is to create a schedule of the day and try to stick to it.(you can reward yourself with something which you love, in order to train your mind to follow the schedule as reward will be given.)

Note: When you are preparing for exam always finish off those things on which you don’t have to spent more time then shift to the one which are time taking.

Good Luck!

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Chetan’s Answer

  • Teach others
  • help others with their doubts
  • create blogs, write down what you have learnt
  • Work on the projects relating to that learning. For example, you learnt about web designing, work on web design projecs

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Trisha’s Answer

For me I find that taking notes and then reviewing them afterwards to add in any additional details to help better understand what you are learning about. I also find it useful if learning a new process to take detailed notes and then work through the process following the notes. This will help you fully capture the process.