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Is it possible for me to be a famous actress and flight attendant?

Asked New York, New York

Im interested in acting but i know that it may not be as realistic as being a flight attendant but its my dream. But i dont like the consequences of being an actress because you're constantly being watched by the public so thats why i love the idea of being a flight attendant. #student #actress #college #business

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Michelle’s Answer


Hello, Kadi D. What wonderful career interests you have !

Actually, it seems as though you already have wonderful insight on this subject. It is always possible to be an actress, but fame comes unexpectedly, it's not planned for. Being a flight attendant is a good alternative if that is what you are also interested in.

It is always possible that, if you love acting, that you can take an acting class and/or audition for local community theatre productions. Acting in a production requires an extreme amount of time with commitments all through the rehearsal process and performance schedule. That can take you away from your studies in college. Many people do acting as a hobby and feel fulfilled on that level.

It wouldn't be advisable or even possible to plan to do both acting and flight attendant at the same time. Your availability for either would not make it possible. The extreme demands of both jobs would not make it possible. If you would be one of the few who would become famous, you'd be sacrificing a lot of privacy and you already know that is not for you. But you have a long life ahead of you and sometimes it's just good to take things a step at a time , focus on one thing at a time.

Best wishes to you in your future .