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What should I start purchasing for college?

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3 answers

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Sheila’s Answer

Hello Teresa: I agree with the list in the previous comment. I'd like to include the following two items that we purchased when my young adults went off to college for the first time. These items came in handy and I'm glad we purchased them.

1) An inexpensive workman toolbox where you could put a lock on it for confidential items such as financial aid papers, money, important correspondence, etc

2) A wheeled cart for moving into your dorm. You'll love having your own cart because if your college provides bins you may have to wait a while to get one when other students are moving in too. It could take all day moving.

There are other items that you could purchase as well. Here's a link to fastweb.com to help get you started in the right direction. - -> https://www.fastweb.com/student-life/articles/the-21-cool-items-all-college-students-can-use.

One last thing, check with the college to see if they have a freshman list on what to bring. Most colleges will have such a list.

Enjoy your time shopping. I wish you well in college!

~ Sheila

Sheila recommends the following next steps:

Purchase an inexpensive workman toolbox and lock; for storing financial aid papers, money, important correspondence, etc.
Purchase a wheeled cart for helping with moving into your dorm
Review the list on fastweb.com
Check with the college to see if they have a freshman list on what to bring

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Samantha’s Answer

Some of the things that I used all the time in college (and were a necessity) were a bed spread (sheets, pillows, blankets... the works). My tv, which is optional, it just helped to take my mind of something or was a nice background noise when I was studying/doing homework. I also used my shower caddy a lot, especially when I shared a bathroom. A fridge was also very useful, even when my roomies and I shared a big fridge, I still had a mini fridge in my room for the snacks I really didn't want them getting into. Another thing that really helped make the room my room was adding pictures and personal items, made things feel more homey.

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Kim’s Answer


It's just like setting up an apartment. Some stuff you will get from home. Be careful ,as this venture can get expensive quickly. However, don't get super-cheap stuff that won't last!

Linens: bed, bath, kitchen.


Basic dishes, cookware, etc

coffee pot

cleaning supplies: general cleaning, bath, kitchen (vacuum cleaner if carpeted)

Depending on what furniture comes with the dorm, there might be a need for a desk/bookshelf/lamps/curtains

Stuff to make it feel "like home"

Storage and organization will be a must!

That should get you started.

Happy shopping!