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Is living on campus better than living off campus?

Asked Homestead, Florida

I want to go to NYU but I'm not sure where to stay. I'd like to live off campus in an apartment with a roommate but, considering how expensive it is to live in NYC, I'm not sure that would be a good idea. Would it better to live on campus in a dorm or off campus in an apartment? #college #college-advice #college-bound

3 answers

Tina’s Answer


Living on campus especially your first year is highly recommended. It helps to integrate you into college life and keeps you close to all the campus has to offer in support of you being successful at school. From where to eat to security, from after hours tutoring to finding groups that share your interests, it is all available on campus. You can take part in all these even if you live off campus, but the proximity while living on campus cannot be beat.

Tina recommends the following next steps:

  • visit a college/university near you and talk to current students. Ask them what they like best about their living accomodations (on or off campus).

Ken’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio

Living on campus has many advantages:

Campus security is there for your protection

Eating is easy in a dining hall

Maintenance is provided for your living area

Room and board are only charged for the period during which you have classes

Transportation is not a concern as you are near your classes

Advice and support are available as your Residence Adviser (RA) is just down the hall

Roommates are provided by the college and you do not have to be concerned about them paying their rent

I agree and if you have a friend who's attending the same school you can room together if you submit your room applications at the same time.

Sandra’s Answer

Updated Middletown, New Jersey

Living on campus can be a very rewarding experience. It will allow you to become independent, learn how to be responsible and care for yourself without daily supervision from your parents. I lived on campus for 5 years and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

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