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Is Online College harder than IRL College?

Asked Clifton, Texas

I have been taking online college class for a few years now. However, I start at SFA in the fall of 2019. Will IRL classes be a lot harder? #college-advice #college #college-bound

2 answers

Meridyth’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington

Hi Samantha,

This is a great question and has been followed by some good advice. Please consider your learning style when taking classes online or IRL. We all learn differently and we need understand how we can learn best to get the most out of the class. Do you like to see things written down? Do you learn by listening? Do you learn by putting things together? Classes IRL and online are similar in which they both require reading, writing papers, group work and so on. It takes a lot discipline to learn online. The one big difference is the in class time which will be mostly lecture. Make sure to fine tune your note taking and study skills as some of the things being said may not be written down in any of the books or resources.

Find your learning strengths and work with them to make sure you get the best experience in your college classes. Good luck!

Lillian’s Answer


It's hard to say without knowing exactly what classes you're talking about. Both the hardest and easiest classes I have ever taken were both online classes. IRL college classes vary just as much--some are incredibly difficult while others are a breeze.

However, now that your classes are in-person, the most life-changing advice I can give you is to take advantage of the in-person format by going to your professor's office hours to ask questions or clarify class material. Professors that see you often will remember your name/face and see from your presence that you are dedicated and are working hard to do well in their class. This can make the difference between a failing grade vs. a passing grade. Additionally, if you get to know the professor well, that's a future recommendation letter for scholarships/jobs/graduate schools as well.

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