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What is the best way to manage college when I also want a job?

Asked Clarendon, Texas

How can I apply an adequate amount of time in both places without overloading myself?
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2 answers

Jennifer’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas

Great question! Balancing work and school can be really hard,  it is important to find a job that is understanding that you are also a fulltime students. Many universities offer work study plans where you work for the school in some capacity (for example: cataloging newspapers in the university library) and the money you make is put toward your tuition.

These programs are great because they

(1) allow you to get some work experience, while still allowing you to focus the majority of your time on classes

(2) they are normally on campus, so they are great if you have no means of transportation

(3) they can help you pay for tuition

Jennifer recommends the following next steps:

  • Consider looking to see if the universities you are applying for have a work study program

Meridyth’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington

Hi Noab,

Very good question! Balancing school and work can be hard. Something to keep in mind is your priorities. Your number one priority is being a full-time student. You'll need the time to study, do homework and write papers. Work study is a great option to look into and has great benefits. You can also consider other campus jobs or off campus jobs if you have transportation. I worked my entire college career and went to school full-time. I would suggest looking into part-time jobs that are flexible to fit around your classes and school work. Make the employer aware that you are student and can only work a set number of hours a week and at certain times of the day. During different times in college, I worked at the college snack bar, a local supermarket and as an office assistant. Find what works best for you and your schedule without compromising your education.