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Besides Biomedical enginnering , what other degrees can I merge my STEM program with my passion to learn how the human body works?

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2 answers

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Eric’s Answer

Research Ergonomics or Industrial Ergonomics. I believe it's commonly found in the Industrial Engineering program. There are some really interesting engineering design topics that require understanding repetitive motion, forces on the body, etc. to make a better-designed product or production environment. This is heavily utilized in manufacturing environments where you have repetitive 8+ hour activities.

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G. Mark’s Answer

Let me be direct. The human body obeys the laws of physics. STEM allows you to understand this. Just about anything dealing with the human body will allow you to understand it better with a background in STEM. Kinesiology, for example, is a great degree to take advantage of this knowledge. And many more. In my own studies in exercise physiology and kinesiology, my knowledge of math and physics made it very clear. Go for it!