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What degree do I need to pursue Radiology?


I'm currently a freshman in high school, and I care a lot about my future and especially my academics. I plan on doing early college for an associates and my dream school is UCLA. After I graduate from UCLA I hope to go back to my home state to attend UNC School of Medicine. My question is, what degree specifically do I need to have to go into the radiology field for medical school? Some schools I've looked at do not offer radiology as a major, but their med schools do. If I were to major in nursing or some med field related major instead, would I still be able to go into medical school for radiology specifically? #medicine #doctor #college #medical #college-major #radiology #premed

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To start you need fantastic grades in Math and Science. Ace your college entrance exams (SAT, ACE, Etc). In school, start your Bachelors focused on the pre-med track. You'll apply for medical schools upon you finishing your Bachelors. Once medical school is complete you would need to complete a residency in radiology.

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To be a radiologist you need to get a Bachelors degree, go to medical school for 4 years to get your MD and then complete a 4 year residency (in addition to an intern year). I’m sure there are other pathways if you want to be a radiology tech, etc.

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