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LaRita Edwards R.T. (R)

Radiologic Technologist at All Florida Orthopaedic Associates
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
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Savannah Mar 09, 2022 524 views

Do military welders go on active duty?


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Van Mar 08, 2022 821 views

What major should I get for physical therapy

#physical-therapist #physical-therapy #major #choosing-a-major

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wyatt Nov 27, 2018 677 views

what is your daly life like as an aircraft mechanic in the military?

I am currently in job corps and pursuing a career in mechanics and planning to join the us navy afterwards. #military #aviation #navy #mechanic

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Mckenna Jan 22, 2018 678 views

How much does it cost to take the radiology class at polk state ?

So that i can compare costs and take the class i need to get the job i want #radiology #money-management

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Ruby Oct 26, 2018 1697 views

What degree do I need to pursue Radiology?

Hi! I'm currently a freshman in high school, and I care a lot about my future and especially my academics. I plan on doing early college for an associates and my dream school is UCLA. After I graduate from UCLA I hope to go back to my home state to attend UNC School of Medicine. My question...

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Adam Oct 30, 2018 539 views

How difficult is it to become a spine surgeon?

I am looking at career options #job

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Dierdre May 14, 2018 1285 views

What is the advantage of getting a Masters Degree in Clinical Laboratory Science

I would like to get a #masters-degree in #clinical-lab-science but I want to know what the benefit is over solely having a #bachelorsdegree in -laboratory science #healthcare #research #science #medicine #Clinical

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Olivia Jan 10, 2018 714 views

How can I get an internship for being a clinical microbiologist?

I'm a 9th grader in the Bay Area and very interested in being a clinical microbiologist. I would like to gain experience and knowledge with this field, and I think that an internship would really help. But I don't know how to find one ! #internship #clinical-microbiologist #microbiology

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Chrishayla Aug 15, 2018 742 views

Would it be a good idea to minor in business with a Clinical Laboratory Sciences major?

I just recently changed my major to Clinical Laboratory Sciences and I would like to pursue my own business as well.
#majors-and-minors # #major #business #clinical

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Lakea Mar 17, 2015 1918 views

How many years does it take to transition from radiology to MRI in the Radiological and MRI Technologists major? Also is that transition hard or easy?

I am currently a senior in high school and will be graduating very soon. I am very undecided about what major or even what career I want ti do. However, I was looking into Radiologist and MRI Technologists as one of my possible majors. #technology #tech #radiology #ultrasound #technician...

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Mckenna Jan 22, 2018 799 views

What degree do you need to be a radiologist technician?

How long i will be in school and what type of degree i would earn #degree #college-majors #radiology