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What allowed you to pursue in the field of technology?

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Dino’s Answer



Bottomline, I made my decision based on the advice of my high school guidance counselor. As a sophomore, he suggested I take some computer programming classes because he felt "computers would be big..." lol. I loved those classes and they pushed me to learn more... and so when I applied to colleges, I ensured they had degrees in Computer Information System (CIS), Computer Science/Engineering, etc. I graduated with a CIS degree which positioned me to make an impact in the technology field!

Good luck!


Nancy’s Answer


Hi Izaac, great question! A little bit about my background is that I've interned in the fields of Data Analysis and IT Project Management. My bachelor's degree is in Business Administration, but what encouraged me to pursue the technology field was... trying it! My interest in tech sparked from a Management Info. Systems class during college, from which I searched and applied to internships that were relevant. From there, I began to narrow down what "type" of technology field I wanted to pursue (e.g. Data Analysis rather than Computer Science). Hope this helps! I've added some next steps for reference.

Nancy recommends the following next steps:

  • Research different fields of interest within technology (e.g. Programmer, Analyst, System Manager, System Developer, Database Analyst, IT Project Manager, etc.)
  • Figure out your resources - look online (LinkedIn, Handshake, Internships.com), within your school and talk to your teachers about your interests
  • Start applying to internships / job opportunities - can't figure out what you like without understanding what you don't like!

Jamie’s Answer

Updated California, California

Before I chose a university major, I actually checked which field is in need including hiring potential and salary., as well as my personal strength. I was not in Arts because I don't like reading lots of books and write papers. So I chose Information Systems as my Major. I got to intern in a couple of companies before I graduate and was able to get a job at one of the companies I interned 3 months before I graduated! So do your research and

Jamie recommends the following next steps:

  • Do you research, incorporating info in the job market and your interest.
  • time your last internship closer to your graduation date!

Sujal’s Answer

I was studying mechanical engineering. But, I got two jobs in software company during my campus interview and one of the company was offering more than double salary compares to another one. So, I got into that high paying company. Two things to keep in mind. 1) There are a lot more jobs available in technology and 2) It pays well. And money can solve a good number of problem. But, at some point of time in your carrier money may no longer interest you. Then you need to find your motivation. This motivation will take you long in your carrier.