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Would a therapist have a therapist to go to if their patients start to affect them?

Asked Oakland, California

I know therapists are there to assist people who are depressed, stressed, deal with trauma, etc. but do they get help if they start to feel affected by who they are around. Like I know humans get affected by who they are around, so would a therapist have a therapist, mandatory once a week or something?
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Aiden’s Answer


It is unethical for a psychologist to leave themselves in a vulnerable position when trying to assess a client. We may be affected, but as far as I know you're not supposed to show it affects you because you are trying to make the other person feel better and there is a chance that they might think they're hurting you by talking about their problems if they see you crying.

Aiden recommends the following next steps:

  • If you can and have someone near you that is, ask a licensed psychologist how they deal with the emotions that may surface when treating a client. I know a few and they all handle it differently, so someone that you know could potentially have a detailed answer to give you an idea of what they're everyday life is like.