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Sheila Jan 10, 2019 878 views

Would a therapist have a therapist to go to if their patients start to affect them?

I know therapists are there to assist people who are depressed, stressed, deal with trauma, etc. but do they get help if they start to feel affected by who they are around. Like I know humans get affected by who they are around, so would a therapist have a therapist, mandatory once a week or...

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Sheila Jan 08, 2019 795 views

What are different job options for Marine biologists or oceanographer?

I am a Junior in high school who is interested in the ocean and the live in it. I just would like to know what job options are available besides being a scientist in a lab #marine-biology #oceanography # #career #job

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Sheila Jan 08, 2019 488 views

What are majors people should take to become a translator? What is the maximum languages one must learn?

I am a Junior in highschool who has taken a few college classes for other languages not provided in my school. I have an idea of possibly being a translator but don't know what I need to focus on in college to get there.
#translator #college-major