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What is the day to day basis for someone working as a BIOFUELS PROCESSING TECHNICIAN

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This is something i need to know so i can have a better picture of what responsibility's i would have doing this kind of work, the more detailed the better. #electrical-engineering #engineering #engineer #biofuels #biofuels-technician #biology #chemistry

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Hello! This is a very interesting and specific job. According to careerplanner.com, here is what I found about this role: Biofuels processing technicians do a wide variety of tasks, from blending chemicals to operating industrial equipment to testing fuel quality. More specifically, they Calculate, measure, load, mix, and process refined feedstock with additives in fermentation or reaction process vessels and monitor production process. Perform, and keep records of, plant maintenance, repairs, and safety inspections.

The median salary for people in this role can range from 50-70K according to isustainableearth.com.

It appears this is a good field to go into however please look at any risks or safety hazards associated with such a position.

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