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Dianne M. May 12, 2016 3358 views

What careers in STEM will allow me to travel?

I'm an incoming college freshman pursuing a bachelor's in biotechnology and planning to enter the field of sustainable energy. While I am very comfortable with this plan, I would also like to travel the world, and travel often. Are there any careers in the STEM field that can open opportunities...

#sustainability #environmental-services #oil-and-energy #environmental-science #stem #energy

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Crystal V. Jan 16, 2018 374 views

What are good ways to study for a quiz, test, etc?

I'm asking this questions is because I suck at studying for quiz, test, etc and plus I'm not a good at taking these kinds of things. Even though I go over #math problems or other questions that I don't get to make sure I understand it well. I need some tips on ways to study for these...

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Daniel S. Jan 16, 2018 441 views

who decided that asking a bunch of kids fresh out of highschool to make a potentially 30,000$ decision to go to college?

most teenagers out of high school really have no idea what they are good at and what they want to do with their lives. and yet, at least in the united states, we beat it in to them that they need to go to college and get a degree without them having enough real experience to figure out what...

#debt #whosideawasthis #college-decisions

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Sean P. Jan 17, 2018 513 views

How old were you when you got your first stable job?

Im still a student but will enter the real world soon. What was it like for you to transition from school to work? What were the hardest things to get used to? What are the best parts of starting work? What advice would you give your past self if you could? #real-world #first-job #jobs...

#job-search #employment

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Emma J. Mar 18, 2018 249 views

What is the easiest way to balance college, homework and part time work?

I am going to have/need all 3! Would love some advise! #working...

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Ethan R. Apr 16, 2018 459 views

what keeps you employed ?

Can my characteristics, appearance, and good work improve my chances in keeping a gob? #work #employment #job #job-applications #advancement #career-advising...


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Daniel H. Jan 22, 2019 262 views

What should i know before i look more into BIOFUELS PROCESSING TECHNICIANS?

I am in Job Corps and i am looking for a path that will lead me to a career that i can be proud of and in a way give back to the community. #electrical-engineering #biofuels #energy #biofuels-technician #biology...


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Daniel H. Jan 22, 2019 227 views

What is the day to day basis for someone working as a BIOFUELS PROCESSING TECHNICIAN

This is something i need to know so i can have a better picture of what responsibility's i would have doing this kind of work, the more detailed the better. #electrical-engineering #engineering #engineer #biofuels #biofuels-technician #biology...


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Terrell R. Jan 31, 2019 132 views

What do you enjoy the most about Material Handling Operation Distribution Operations ?

What do you enjoy the most about Material Handling Operation Distribution Operations...

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keon R. Jun 26, 2019 147 views
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lexi V. Nov 04, 2019 175 views

how did you stay positive during school?

worried ill get distracted and not stay committed...


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Lyndi B. Nov 20, 2019 89 views

How much chemistry is required at the high school and college level to become a medical lab tech?

I am a Junior and am involved in 3 sports and extracurricular activities. #medicine...