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What job opportunities are there with a Biblical Studies major besides working in a church?

I'm interested in a Biblical Studies major and am wondering what types of careers I can consider with it? I would love to work in a church but want to keep my options open!

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4 answers

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James’s Answer

I would encourage you to find a topic within Biblical Studies that you are interested in -- for example, hermeneutics, New Testament studies (within New Testament studies, you can even specialize in Pauline letters, or the Gospels, etc etc), atonement studies, biblical counseling, ancient near east studies, etc. Once you figure out what you're really interested within theology/biblical studies you can develop a plan. For example, if you want to specialize in New Testament studies, you'll have to understand that you'll need to learn Greek and you may possibly need to pursue a graduate degree. Maybe not necessarily a PhD, but at least a Master's Degree (there are many top notch programs in New Testament, for example, the University of Cambridge has a really good NT program). This will then equip you to teach New Testament at local community colleges or even at private high schools.

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Rachel’s Answer

There are many options for you to pursue if you're passionate about Biblical studies. You could become a teacher of Biblical studies and teach anywhere from grade school to college. If you enjoy research, reading, and writing you could pursue an academic or scholarly position in the field. Did you know there are also cannon lawyers? You could get a law degree and work in the field. There are journals, newspapers, and publishers specifically in this field as well. And while maybe not as directly related, there are many faith-based community service or outreach organizations which a degree in Biblical studies may help you with.

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Asha’s Answer

This might be out of the box, but there is no specific major required if you wanted to go into consulting or even premed!

I bet there's some cool nonprofit consulting opportunities for religious organizations and churches, so you would still get to work in a church in some capacity if you wished!

For premed, there are definitely religious hospitals that need doctors. You would also have to take the pre med curriculum in college, which includes chemistry and biology.

Good luck!

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Emily’s Answer

Writing for a publication or working for a ministry outside of normal church activities. Such as Compassion International - which I am involved with.