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what do you like least about network cable installation?

Asked Ottumwa, Iowa

2 answers

Michael’s Answer


Inclement weather installations

Eric’s Answer

Updated Raleigh, North Carolina

I have done some indoor cable runs over drop ceilings or externally down walls and across floor boards, making the run is not that difficult. Ceiling runs can be tricky if you are by yourself, just because you need to throw the bundle then move the ladder, rinse, repeat.

what I like the least....often its termination. How annoying is it to get all your colors in line, crimp the jack, then the run fails a connectivity test. Likely one wire is not pushed to the end, maybe you had your colors mix up once you put the jack on, oh how I love those and quite happy my current job does not require hands on anymore!

learn how to install to terminate the ends with RJ-45s in your sleep, practice until your finger tips are sore. It will save you aggregation if you are having to perform this activity frequently.

good luck!