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If I don't like to use computer, should I consider a career in engineering?

I had an internship in school, which was civil engineering. I like engineering, but hate the fact that I have to spend a lot of time on the computer. engineering computer

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3 answers

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Jackson’s Answer

Parsu: I assume that you like your mobile device. Is that correct? I haven't found any student who does not like to use his/her mobile phone. I assume that you are aware a mobile device is a miniature version of a computer (or computing device).

Don't rule out engineering altogether just because you had 1 dissatisfied internship experience. Give engineering another try and take on another internship opportunity.

I was a field engineer right out of college. Yes I did use computer for my first job. I also spent a lot of time in the field to service telecommunications equipment.

I'm sure if you pay more attention you will find your niche in the field of engineering.

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G. Mark’s Answer

It is possible to be an engineer and not use a computer. It is, however, quite a bit of a hindrance, and you'll find yourself at a general disadvantage. Now, you should realize that not everyone who uses a computer is a programmer or skilled in some arcane CS mystery tool. Computers are often running programs that go to great lengths to make them an actual convenience. Remember, there are very young children using computers everyday. Also, remember that much of engineering is necessarily a collaborative activity. If you have difficulty using some tool, there are usually many people on your team ready, able and willing -- even anxious -- to help you out. Some engineers I've worked with have spent their time in theoretical matters and design or architecture or solution engineering. Engineering covers quite a wide range of activities and overlaps with, in my opinion, almost every other science. So if you don't like to use a computer, I'd advise you to find a computer program that you like. Sounds like a contradiction, but in reality, you'll find that just about every modern tool you use even today is using some form of computer. So be open-minded and take the plunge. If you really, really can't stand using any computers in any form, you'll know very soon whether engineering is for you. My money's on you finding fun stuff to do that -- if you peek behind the curtain -- ends up with you actually using a computer. Surprise! Go for it!

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Deon’s Answer

Parsu, don’t give up on engineering. We all use computers in our daily lives, like Jackson Ku said, your smartphone is a computer. The use of a computer is required in any engineering field, but don’t let one not-so-good experience deter you from the engineering field.