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Is it fun to be a Lawyer?

Asked Quincy, Massachusetts

2 answers

Fatima’s Answer

It is fun to be a lawyer if you like to spend a lot of time learning about client problems and how to solve them. For example, as a lawyer, clients come to me with new initiatives. I have to research and learn about the initiative and law and determine how it applies to my clients' situations. My advice allows them to move forward with creating something new that is within legal bounds. If you like constantly learning and spending your time helping others, then being a lawyer will be fun for you. It's most fun to practice law for an area or industry that interests you.

James’s Answer

Hello again. To answer your question, being a lawyer is quite fun, except the process leading up to becoming a lawyer. But don't give up, keep trying. Being a lawyer you get to help a lot of people no matter what type of lawyer you are.

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