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What is the day in the life of a travel nurse?

Asked Prairieville, Louisiana

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Bo’s Answer


Hey, Regan! Travel Nursing is a unique, challenging and exciting practice. I spent 8-10 years working as a travel nurse and found it very rewarding and inspiring. If you have a nomadic spirit, are very confident in your skills/abilities, adapt easily to change and enjoy adventure this is a wonderful way to explore destinations and grow experience.

Your must be organized! You need a license in the state you are practicing in and each state has their own costs, requirements and scope of practice. The time to obtain license by endorsement required varies from state to state. You must maintain a residence in your home state. But you can find jobs as close as a just over 50 miles away.

You must "enjoy" the application/interview process and starting a new job. You must have at least 2 years recent experience in area of specialty. The process from application to offer is generally 3 - 6 weeks. Assignments are typically 13 weeks in length. Generally you arrive 1-2 days before starting and leave 1-2 days after completion. Orientation is quick anywhere from hours to 2 days after which you will have a full assignment and responsibility. Usually you are required to work holidays and have every other weekend obligation. To maintain "continued" employment, it is advisable to begin seeking the next opportunity 3-4 weeks before completing the assignment.

Bo recommends the following next steps:

  • Search for Travel Placement Agencies on Linked In, Glassdoor, Indeed and Google.
  • Keep your Linked In Profile and resume up to date.
  • Network with other Travel Nurses.
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