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Bo Iglehart, RN, BSN, CCM

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Justin Mar 03, 2022 636 views

If I am a teen fresh out of high school and who wants to get into a ADN or BSN program at a college, how am I supposed to take and pass the TEAS if I don't know much about nursing subjects? If the TEAS is to test us on how well we know nursing then wouldn't that completely contradict the whole point of going to a nursing program?

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Daquan’s Avatar
Daquan Mar 02, 2020 983 views

What does a cna day consist and does it have to do with a lot of reading a writing?

Very dedicated, Consisted, Observation skills, Time management
Empathy and compassionate

#CNA #nursing #healthcare #medicine #nurse

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Penelope Nov 14, 2019 582 views

how much do doctors make

#hospital-and-health-care #pediatrics #medicine #doctor #medicine #pediatrics #hospital-and-health-care

Reagan’s Avatar
Reagan Mar 15, 2019 788 views

What is the day in the life of a travel nurse?

#nursing #travel #dayinthelife

Damanique’s Avatar
Damanique Mar 13, 2019 1293 views

What do a CNA do on a regularly basis ?

#nursing #hospital-and-health-care #nurse

Zitlali’s Avatar
Zitlali Jan 12, 2018 1288 views

If I already took Biology and Chemistry what other class could I take in highschool to help me become a Registered Nurse

Im a #highschool student wanting to become a Registered Nurse I'm done with my two required #classes and I would like to know what other class I could take to help me achieve my goal of becoming a #registered-nurse #nursing #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care

ryan’s Avatar
ryan Jan 19, 2018 642 views

Does a male nurse have just as much opportunity as a female nurse.

#nursing What opportunities are there for male nurses.