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What Type of Job in the Medical Field Pays the Best?

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3 answers

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Richard’s Answer

Family practice doctors range from $150,000-350,000 per year.
Subspecialty surgeons can make up to $800,000 per year; even more if they own their own imaging equipment or invest in a hospital.

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Eric’s Answer

Blake is right. Don't do a job just for money. If you are interested in medicine, you can ask the professionals here about what they like about their job, what they hate about it, how they picked it, and what a life in the day is like. That will give you a better idea if the medical field is right for you.

To answer your question, anyway, take a look at BLS data: https://www.bls.gov/oes/2017/may/oes_nat.htm

Just 3 examples from there:

Pharmacists $121,710

Surgeons $251,890

Physician Assistants $104,760

Thank you so much! This really helps! Addison C.

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Blake R.’s Answer

To be honest with you, hunting for money will not make you happy. If you want to be in medicine, think about what you would like to be doing until you retire. It’s not all about the money kid, you can make a mil a year and be miserable, trust me on that from experience.


Thank you! Addison C.