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Is Pre-Med a good minor to pursue a speech pathology degree?

Currently I am a psychology major with no minor. Due to credit requirments ​​I need to find a minor. I fully intend on reciving ​a masters in speech language​ pathology, and my school does not have a speech program. I am enrolled in psych courses, ASL and science. I was thinking about completing a minor in Pre-Med, and wanted to know if it was worth it? Would pre med place me on a good track for my masters? My school does not hold courses in languistic​s​ or any things related tot he communication science so im ​trying to find the next best thing. #college-minor #psychology #major

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2 answers

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Paula-Ann’s Answer

Hi Mark,

Prerequisites and requirements can vary for speech pathology degrees depending on the university, but are largely similar.

One website recommends that people pursuing a speech pathology degree career should major in communication sciences and disorders or a related major with an emphasis in arts and science , because these are often applicable to speech-language pathology masters programs.
Also, coursework in linguistics, phonetics, psychology, math, and general science are recommended.

This website also has some valuable information about common requirements for speech pathology degrees.

Before you pursue your bachelors, you should definitely think about what specific school you would like to attend for graduate school, and you should align your undergraduate coursework with their specific requirements to cover all of your bases.

Best of luck to you!

In terms of a pre-med track, this rigorous and science-heavy concentration will definitely be impressive to any graduate program, especially if you graduate with a GPA over 3.5. If you prove you can complete a pre-med track with a good GPA, get involved in the campus and surrounding community in meaningful ways, and develop meaningful experience in your field you should be set to enter any graduate school of your choice!

Paula-Ann recommends the following next steps:

Research speech pathology graduate programs that you would like to attend after you complete your undergraduate degree, and keep a list of their class/GPA requirements.
Find schools that have a reputable science program if you decide to pursue a pre-med track.
Find internship/volunteer opportunities that relate to speech pathology around your college, so that you can begin building your resumé and displaying your passion and commitment to the field.

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G. Mark’s Answer

I have a kind of "gestalt" philosophy about fields of knowledge. I see everything as being the same and overlapping. When I started college, I was in Pre-Med. I ended up in computer engineering. But I have to say that Pre-Med was a fantastic way to get introduced to a lot of sciences that may have been side-stepped by a focus on engineering alone. And why? Because engineering is the practice of finding and implementing solutions to problems in the real world. And what's medicine? Solving more problems in the real world. The overlap is phenomenal. Now, when you address speech pathology, you're dealing with a host of causes that cover psychology, medicine, biology, chemistry and mechanics. The body is a machine like anything else. So is Pre-Med a good minor to pursue? My opinion is "yes, definitely".