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What kind of skills and talents do you have?

Asked Mobridge, South Dakota

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Kim’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas

I think my biggest skill is that I am a very down-to-earth person. I speak candidly, from the heart, and people connect with me very easily. I don't put on a "game face" while at work. I don't make up answers to questions I don't know the answers to - I find out. I can tell people what they don't want to hear, without them getting mad at me. I always treat others the way I would expect my grandmother to be treated - a very high standard indeed!

Amy’s Answer

Updated Mexico City, Mexico

Hi Destinee!

I guess this is a difficult question for all of us, at least for the introverted ones, and how i came to identify my skills? for me i ask my friends and people i work with, sometimes it’s difficult to see your strengths since as humans we tend to foucus on our weakness, and i realize that some of the skills that i mark as weak in me turn out to be the complete opposite to what i though, like leadership, I never see myself on that role but people at work and even my boss keep telling me it is one of my strengths! So my advice is just ask, you may be surprise by the answers you get!

PS. I will define my skills right know as a good team work, active listener and  empathic!

Sheryl’s Answer

Updated New Richmond, Ohio

Hi Destinee,

This is a great question and I always recommend doing a little homework before going into an interview situation. There are many great resources on the internet that will provide you with many types of questions that could be asked in an interview situation. Brainstorming and researching these ahead of time will ensure that you are prepared once you get into the actual interview.

My particular skills/talents would include leadership/management, effective communication, life-long learner, and positive attitude.

Olivia’s Answer

Updated Paris, Île-de-France, France

Like some of the replies posted above, it can be very hard for someone not naturally extroverted to come up with skills and talents, ie to be able to 'sell yourself' in an interview situation. But what you need to bear in mind is that everyone is unique and even something that may be seem totally natural or even mundane to you will not be to someone else and may be things that sets you apart.

So I was fortunate to grow up in an international environment and speak several languages as a result. I find that this has always helped me in communicating well with people from various backgrounds , provided me with an open mind and natural curiosity, being a good listener and empathetic person. It's also always a good idea to share thoughts with your close environment: ask your friends, colleagues, parents what they perceive your key strengths (or things that set you apart) are. You might be surprised and get something out of it that you didn't even think about ! Good luck.

Maria Cristina’s Answer

Updated Mexico City, Mexico

Ji Destinee, I always have trouble defining my skills and talents but it gets easier. Right now I define myself as empathic, active listener, good a team work, I love math and new challenges.

I would recommend if you want to find yours to think in things that are easy for you, that you can understand fast and that you feel emotion when you do them.

Luis’s Answer

Updated Mexico City, Mexico

Hi Destinee,

I consider myself as someone with hungry to archive more oportunities, a funny guys and a good speaker and listener. At this moment also having a great motivation in my back that is that I'm going to marry next year and my goal is to get my CCIE just before the weeding.

Hope my answer can be usefull for you.


Luis | Cisco TAC

Alejandra’s Answer

Updated Mexico City, Mexico

I am very good at social networking. That has helped me to connect with other people within my company and other companies. Active Listening, effective communication, organized, these tree together have helped me to follow up on projects and "get things done". :)