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How does the residency work for this field? How do you get one?

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David’s Answer

Alejandra, my bff, is a DDS. He told me that his residency was a part of dental school. Unlike MD, or DO, where you residency is after medical school. If you want to be a dentist, go to a dental school book store and start reading the same books dental students and dentists read. That puts you one step ahead of everyone else. I tell people who want to be Navy Seals. Practice hell week at home, long before it starts. If you have to lay in cold water for an extended period of time at BUDS camp, lay in the bath tub filled with cold water. If you have to swim four miles a day at camp, swim five miles a day at home. If you have to stay awake, for a week, stay awake, for as long as you can before camp starts. Another really good prep. for dental college, is dental assistant. You’ll be the Navy Seal, of dentists, when it’s all over.