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Do you need to an MBA to get a job in finance?

I want to work in the finanical services industry when I graduate from college, but I'm still not sure whether or not I should go on to get my MBA. Is it necessary? Will it award me more opportunities? #finance #financial-services #investment-management #investing #mba

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4 answers

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Aditya Raj’s Answer

Hi Terri,

MBA is not needed to get a job in Finance. As a student, you should first focus on getting an internship and that leads you to getting a full time job in the finance industry. I highly encourage you to check out the CFA program where you can engage and learn more about finance. It's also a very nice way to separate yourself from the average student and will help a lot in getting internships and jobs. I would also be open to opportunities in Accounting because it can be a stepping stone towards getting a job in Finance.

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Kristen Kimi’s Answer

Hi Terri - You do not need an MBA to get a job in finance. A great point of entry in to the field is through internship opportunities. Many firms offer internships to students during the summer to sophomores and juniors. It is a great way to learn about the industry and gain professional experience. Most firms also hire undergrads straight out of college to work in analyst positions in various business areas. Some professionals will find success in the industry without returning to school to pursue their MBA; and others will decide the MBA is a step they want to take to further their career.

I would also like to share, majority of the students in MBA programs will have professional experience before returning to school to pursue their MBA. And the professional experiences will very - finance, marketing, academia, military, consulting, etc.

Best wishes!

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Francisco’s Answer

An MBA degree is a good option if you can afford the money and the time as it enhances your understanding and provides essential tools that may be very useful in your work assignments; having an MBA listed in your resume will very likely facilitate your job search, but you should also consider that some companies extend partial/full financial support for employees to study MBA or other degrees, those resources are typically limited and may not be offered to everyone. If you cannot afford the money and time I would recommend you to consider a certification in the field of your interest, certifications sometimes are as relevant as an MBA degree, but can be accomplished in less time and/or with less resources. Whatever your case may be I encourage you to continue studying as we live in a constant changing environment that requires everyone to stay updated

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Lisa’s Answer

It is not required to have an MBA, but I highly recommend getting an MBA after working for two years for future career success.

You don’t need to do an MBA to get a job in finance. However, after gaining some work experience, you can consider doing Executive master course in finance from ITM University to enhance your career prospects. This will help to fine tune some of your corporate skills and help you understand the finance industry. Aniket V.