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Guidance on coffee shop ownership?

Updated Elk River, Minnesota

I've dreamed of opening a coffee shop for quite some time now, but I'm unsure of what my first steps should be. I've helped open coffee shops as a manager and have worked in different coffee shops for four years now. I know I have a lot to learn, but have felt I shoudn't go to college for a degree yet until I know it will for sure benefit me. What college degree would I go for? Would a business degree be beneficial? Or would it be a waste of money?
Barista question: should I get my barista certification or is it a waste of money?
How can I best achieve the knowledge needed to open a coffee shop? #business #college #entrepreneur #college-major #career

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Kim’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas


Thank you for wanting to open a coffee shop! I can't answer your question, but, just wanted to say thank you! I think initially marketing is important - picking the right site and pitching your business to the right people in the right way. As an older person (senior?), I envision a diner when you say "coffee shop," but I think you are thinking more along the upscale line of "coffee" shops? You will need to be able to develop a "business plan" to secure financing.

Learn all you can from your job. There are so many aspects to ownership/management. Selecting the right managers and employees, keeping them around, regulatory compliance, profits, the "customer experience", product selection, negotiating contracts/sales prices, etc. And, once you have a successful business, dealing with the inevitable competitor trying to squeeze in on your market .

I don't know that you necessarily need a degree. I would recommend researching what is available to you from the city, colleges, chamber of commerce, etc. Search for "small business owner" information, "minority business," etc. I know a college locally that has their marketing dept undertake projects for aspiring business owners. Also look into MOOCs - there are a LOT of free on-line classes!!!! If you are going to be the owner, you don't need the credential - just the knowledge!

Good luck to you!