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In which fields can I work on networking, hardware, an software?

Updated Kolkata, West Bengal, India

My name is Kalp and I would like to work in a field in which I can do networking , work on hardware, and also work on software. I just want to grab this all because I love it! #software #networking #computer-engineer #hardware

6 answers

Aaron’s Answer


In most small organizations with limited IT support you become a generalist in all aspects of IT technology. Though you do not become an expert in any one area you become a generalist who will utilize outside support. Networking and Hardware often go hand-in-hand, however, software developers unless developing for networking or hardware is a very different skill set.

There are some specific fields which do address all three of these skills and that would be working for example for in router development, which requires firmware and networking interfaces.

I hope this answers your question

Jared’s Answer

Updated Palo Alto, California

Getting a role in IT working for a large corporation would give you an opportunity to work on each of those. You would spend a fair amount of your time helping to maintain, install, upgrade, and secure your company's network. In addition, you would be able to work with your company's employees' hardware. As for software, there is a big difference between writing new software and maintaining existing software created by an outside vendor. In a large IT department it is sometimes the case that you would be writing custom software for your company, but not always the case. It's quite likely that you would be helping your company's employees to effectively use the software that your company owns licenses for. I hope that helps and good luck!

I'd actually recommend aiming to work for a smaller company or a startup if you want to be a jack of all trades. Big companies tend to hire specialists who have a narrower focus. In a smaller company fewer people have to take on a large variety of tasks, which lends itself to a broad skill set.

Cheryl’s Answer

Updated Redwood City, California

You can work as a Network Administrator to explore all things you have mentioned above. However it depends on the Organization and type of job they are offering. In few cases you might be limited to do only one thing out of three.

Housam’s Answer


This would mainly be an IT field the degree necessary would be a computer science degree or a computer systems degree. I do recommend if you a like only hardware to look into electrical engineering. If you are only interested in software stay with computer science. Or if you want to be even more marketable and available for even more jobs out of college go with computer engineering. The engineering titles require heavy math while in school though so many tend to fall back on computer science as it is less demanding. But be aware as far as careers go if you are going to work for a corporation the ladder to the top for computer science is generally short as you must go into management to continue to move up. But if you find a start up or some other breakout from corporations (finance is profitable) then that can be a great move as far as careers go.

John’s Answer

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IT support industry-you can work as a system administrator where you will have to deal with network, hardware and also some software installations on the network devices

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Heather’s Answer

Updated Jersey City, New Jersey

If you are starting out with limited work experience, you might want to consider trying out for a Help Desk (service desk) position. I think this position would give you a breadth of experience, and the opportunity to work directly with clients. In a large organization, it might be easier to work your way up to the kind of position you described (including network engineer) and they might even provide the training/certification. Best to you!