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what type of experience do you need to become a successful lawyer

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4 answers

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Bart’s Answer

Hi Mataieoa! This is a great question... Becoming a successful lawyer starts way before even entering law school. It requires having a great work ethic, attention to detail, a sense of urgency, a deep curiosity about learning, and having a strong belief in the work that you do and doing the best for your clients. There is a big responsibility in being a lawyer as you will be seen as the expert to your clients and have a professional responsibility to act in their best interests and to fight for what's best for them.

Of course, doing well in college, getting a good LSAT score, going to the best law school you can get into, getting a job out of law school that will provide you with relevant experience in the area of law you want to practice, learning as much as you can while on the job, etc., are all important facets of becoming a successful lawyer over your career. Being a lawyer can be a very challenging and rewarding career and I wish you luck in your legal journey!

Bart recommends the following next steps:

Study hard and do the best you can do in college, on the LSAT and in law school
Continue to seek advice and insights from attorneys you meet along the way and continue to ask questions here as you go through the process

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Alexandra’s Answer

Hi Mataieoa! This is a great question. In addition to eduction, you really do need experience in order to become a successful lawyer. I would say that, above all, you need practical experience and you need great mentors who can expose you to challenges and teach you how to be better than yourself.

I would advise finding internships and asking a lot of questions but also finding someone who can be your supporter or mentor. Also, you learn by doing so a way to become successful is not to be afraid to ask for work and responsibility.

Good luck!

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Zakhro’s Answer

I am on my way to be succesful lawyer as I am starting my career! Never stop learning and challenge yourself!

I am an International Lawyer, would love to find a collegue with hom Ican exchange experiences and knowledge!

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Chase’s Answer

Hi Mataieoa

From my experience, to be a successful lawyer entails working hard, gaining experience in your desired practice area, have a mentor, and a desire to further your legal education. I would advise you to gain as much experience as you can in your chosen field of law and also find a mentor in that area of law as well. Best of luck!