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What's it like to work in security?

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4 answers

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Kim’s Answer


This is a very difficult question to answer, because, Security encompasses so many different jobs!

  1. The entry-level HS graduate no-experience-necessary position/retiree looking for extra pocket money: Could be going from business to business rattling doors to make sure they are locked. Or standing at the gate of a retirement community waving the residents through and logging all visitors in.
  2. Could be working in a bank lobby, greeting customers, while watching for bad guys, who rarely show up (thankfully). Or at a corporate headquarters, escorting employees to their cars when they leave late at night.
  3. lots of other stuff in between . . . club bouncers. crowd control (football games)., Armored car, etc
  4. Dignitary protection - lots of high profile targets and their families who could easily be the victims of kidnapping - , all the way up to presidential election contenders/ Secret Service type stuff.
  5. Military security- guarding missiles, installations, prisoners, etc.

All of it requires a level of alertness and good people skills. You would also need to stay calm under pressure, work well with other agencies, and write good reports.

Hope this helps!


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Bert’s Answer

Great question! As others have stated, security is a broad field with countless options. I personally have done investigations, uniformed security and corporate security, which encompasses many aspects of the field, such as executive protection, risk assessments, fire safety and budget management. No matter what areas I've been in at a given time, the most critical, and most enjoyable, aspect of the job is the relationships. Security is a field best suited for those who truly enjoy helping others, keeping others safe and utilizing their talents to make constant enhancements to their own, and their company's, ability to be safe and secure. It is challenging at times and very routine at others, but as with anything else in life, it often is what you make of it. If you do the bare minimum that is asked of you, you likely will not find the job enjoyable or fulfilling. If you seek opportunities to engage with others, learn more and contribute to making improvements, you can find the job to be extremely rewarding. Depending upon what areas you choose, you may be exposed to all sorts of interesting and talented people, and if you really want to do so, the security field can take you around the world. If feeling like you make a difference in the lives of others is just as important as making money, then the security field may be a great choice for you.

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Jason’s Answer

Security is not as bad of a career choice as Hollywood or television has portrayed. The movie Paul Blart Mall Cop is not a good indication on what its like working in security. Security is a good general term for the industry, however there a so many different subsets of protection a person can get into and make a lot of money doing.

For example, I work as an executive protection agent, in a nutshell I am embedded in a large Fortune 500 company and protect the CEO and all senior leadership staff to that company. I can go on for hours about my duties and what I do but below I will list a few different areas of "security" someone can specialist in. I hope this helps answer the question.

- Executive Protection
- Loss Prevention
- Patrol (vehicle/bike/foot)
- Static (guard shack/desk)
- Maritime Security
- Residential Security (this usually is a part of executive protection)
- Security Driver (also under EP)
- Celebrity Bodyguard
- Event Security (Sports games/convert venues)

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Steven’s Answer


As the previously stated by others, there are a vast amount of specialties/professions, within the Security world, and they all come with their various levels of slow days and incredibly fast paced/intense days. Trust me, after a few "fast paced" days, you'll welcome those slow days! Here are a few examples:

Security Officer/Guard Post (Static): This can be at a guard booth, screening employees, visitor, etc. and turning away those that don't belong. It's a straight forward position, but equally, if not more important as other security positions as this is a the "Frontline". No one should get by you if they don't have a real reason for being there. It's important that the proper training (anti-surveillance, social engineering awareness, de-escalation techniques) is provided and taken seriously.

Security Officer (Patrol/Relief): This role is just like it sounds. You patrol an assigned area, either on foot or by a means of transportation (bike/Segway/golf cart/car), relieve officers on posts for their breaks and respond to emergency calls.

Security (Investigator): Responding to incidents of various kinds to collect information, evidence and conduct interviews. There are occasions when law enforcement involvement is required and collaboration is essential!

These are just 3 examples, from a world that has a myriad of opportunities in the Security realm. It really depends on which one gets you excited when you do your research!

All the best!