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What does my journey look like from a student of culinary arts to becoming a Chef or Head Cook?

Asked Springfield, Massachusetts

I'm a very motivated and determined 24 year old with plenty experience in the work force, aspiring to learn more about the hospitality industry, specifically becoming a Chef or Head Cook. #chef #culinary #culinary-arts

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Judith’s Answer

Updated Pacifica, California

Practicing your products in culinary arts so that you perfect the science with all types of weather conditions and circumstances will help you to obtain consistent and professional outcomes.

Judith recommends the following next steps:

  • I suggest you look into becoming a line cook and work your way up in an establishment where you are passionate about learning and developing the cuisine.
  • Learn all the positions in a food establishment. Knowing how to step in and step up makes you an invaluable team member.
  • Learn management processes, work in inventory, menu planning, pricing, purchasing etc.
  • Do not feel bad about working long hours. Foods preparation and working in established places takes many hours. Give yourself time to learn and maintain focus even when you become tired.
  • Develop signature dishes from seasonal fare. When you have the opportunity, show what you can do. Take direction and criticism with calm. This will make you desirable to be on the team.