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Who is the founder of this website?

I want to know everything and learned. #information-technology

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3 answers

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Jared’s Answer

My wife Jen Pan and I founded CareerVillage.org in 2011. We did it because as young people we each faced difficulties getting our questions about careers answered. Getting out of our education with a good job was something that was important to each of us -- it meant getting paid, which meant having financial security, which meant that we wouldn't have to worry about money. We also wanted a career that was as fulfilling as we could make it. We each had very different childhoods, but being ready to start our careers after our education was done was important to each of us.

I'd be happy to answer any other questions you may have about founding CareerVillage.org, and/or founding websites in general, or nonprofits in general. Just ask! (Also, to help make sure I see it a little earlier, please use the hashtag #careervillage on your question if it is about careervillage, or #nonprofits, or #community-management, or something else -- and if you need help asking your question, don't hesitate to #contact" target="_blank">send us an email so someone on our team can help out)

Hi Jared, It's nice to hear from founder, who started this amazing initiative. Thank You Mohammed Noor Mohammed Noorulla Khan

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Mohammed Noorulla’s Answer

You have got the answer from Jared, from the founder and it's cause.

Regards, Mohammed Noor

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Shaurya’s Answer

Assuming you are asking about careervillage.org, the founder is Jared Chung (Chief Village Elder & Co-Founder).

Shaurya recommends the following next steps:

Check out: https://www.careervillage.org/about/?team=staff#team