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When being a chef, what are the most hardest things you encounter everyday?

Asked Irving, Texas

I'm interested in being a chef for my career, it's a passion that I've had for a long time. #chef #busines #cook

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Elizabeth’s Answer

Updated San Jose, California

Culinary arts is challenging because it is largely about customer service. As you start in the field, you will most likely begin in a restaurant as a line cook. Although not super glamorous, you will get a feel for the restaurant industry and what goes on behind the scenes. Because you will be working with/for people who are paying for a service (going out to eat) you will have to deal with compliments and critiques of your work. Go to any restaurant and you will see people sending food back or watch any cooking show and you will see disappointed judges. There will be a lot of people to please on most days. ON the other hand, it can be very rewarding as you move through the ranks, start managing your own team, and get creative with your own recipes and meals. This might be a good place to start as well: http://www.internationalculinarycenter.com/culinary-topics/what-are-the-requirements-for-becoming-a-chef/