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Could you describe one of your work days?

I’m a senior at Brennan high school interested in biomedical engineering. Currently enrolled in robotics 2 and various science courses.

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2 answers

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Deborah Yayra’s Answer

I am a Biomedical Engineer working in the hospital as a clinical engineer. As a biomedical engineer, one could either work in the hospital as a staff or work in the field or the industry. Typically in the hospital, a biomedical engineer has a routine maintenance schedule to perform. It could be every morning, every other morning, or weekly. It would all depend on the equipment and machines available and how often they are used. Then as the day goes on, the biomedical engineer in the hospital does things like troubleshooting faulty machines, repairing them, installing new equipment or machines where needed, calibrating machines, etc. There is also an inventory document to update whenever you perform any work. This is how a day in the hospital as a Biomedical Engineer looks like.
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Liam’s Answer

My typical day starts with a brainstorming session with mechanical engineers and automation controls engineers. The team works together to determine the steps in the automation. Step one - part is placed on a tray through a vibration feeder. Step two - camera vision system identifies the square in the middle of the plate. Step three - the robot gripper moves to the square and expands to pick up the plate. Step four - robot moves the plate to the press and places the plate inside the tool in the press. Step five - press runs the tool to punch a round hole. The steps continue. The team uses 3D cad models and robotic simulations to verify the parts fit together, do not crash, and they achieve the cycle time required to be competitive.