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What is the best position to have as a civil engineer?

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I am a student at Brennan High School looking for more information on #engineering #civil-engineering #civil-engineer

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M. Gamal’s Answer


Hi David,

Civil Engineering has many branches or disciplines that you may specialize in. Below is a high level summary of these disciplines (not exhaustive list):

1- Civil Design: Roads Design; Water Resources Engineering; Waste-Water Engineering; Site Planning; Site Surveying.

2- Hydraulics: Hydraulic Modelling; Water and Waste-Water Distribution; Storm Water

3- Transportation: Traffic Modelling; Transportation and Highways Design and Planning

4- Structural: Bridge Analysis and Design; Building Analysis and Design

5- Geotechnical: Sub Surface Exploration; Soil Classification; Soil Testing; Allowable Loads

6- Construction: Construction Management; Means and Methods; Estimating; Project Management

Hope this helps.