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Which seasons are the toughest being a psychiatrist?

I am a senior student at Brennan high school and am interested in being a psychiatrist. #premed #psychology #psychiatry #counseling

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Nija’s Answer

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Hi Payton,

Being a Psychiatrist is an awesome career and it pays really well. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor that work with inviduals that are suffering with mental health concerns and alcohol & substance use disorders. Psychiatrists specialize in asessing the symtoms of mental illness; provide an appropriate clinical diagnosis and offer treatment by prescribing a medication regime.

I believe that the fall and winter seasons are the hardest times for psychiatrists. More patients are sad due to the holidays; it's dark and cold outside; not enough sunlight for the patients to feel happy. They are seeing an increased number of patients that are experiencing bizarre behaviors; paranoia, changes in mood; depression and other symptoms because it becomes distressing for the patients to handle both fall and winter seasons. The psychiatrists find themselves prescribing more psychotropic medications to their patients. This situation can be distressing for psychiatrists to deal with. It is important for psychiatrists and other people in related fields address their own self care by engaging in fun activities and seeing a therapist.

I hope that you find this information helpful.