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How much potential for advancement is there in the Computer Hardware Engineering field? Where can I expect to start out and how can I make myself stand out?

So, what is the end goal for Computer Engineers, what does their career ladder look like in terms of what you're striving for later in your career. What can make you stand out from others in the industry in order to make those advancements up the career ladder? Where did you first enter into the industry, what was your base to build off of and how did you build off of that?

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2 answers

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Mohit’s Answer

This is a very subjective question and I will try to answer it from my perspective.

End goal depends on an individual and not only on the technology, there are various paths that you can follow as a Hardware Engineer, depending on which path you choose sky is the limit.

Career ladder is a subjective thing as well, I always wanted to become a Solutions Architect for Infrastructure and I became that, I never aspired to be a manager and hence focused all my energy in being a Solution Architect. Whereas I have friends who had different aspirations, some joined R&D, some joined Management and some became entrepreneurs.

When I was young I thought that computers are already so advanced never thought the technology that I saw 20 years ago will be outdated so soon, and now there is a technology refresh every few years and there is always something new to learn.

I started my career in call centers where I was making cold calls for sales, based on that experience I was hired in a customer support center and I became a support engineer and I kept building my technical skills and finally became a Solutions Architect which was the designation I always aspired to be.

Different people may have different journey but this was mine.

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Gopal Prasad’s Answer

There will be two different option within Computer hardware Engineer, one who works on design and build computer system and another field will be supporting the Computer system.

Both is completely different and it depends where do you like to get into.

Individual who work on design and build computer system require skill in softwares (C, C++, Verilog), electronics and should be good at microchips, processor and circuit boards.

Also most computer hardware engineer holds a bachelor degree in hardware engineering or computer science.

So it is important to stand out and should be selected in this filed should have above education.

There are some vocational courses available on top of Bachelor degree and also one should focus into Internship to work with professional to gain more knowledge and experience.

Computer support engineer, in this field one should have good knowledge on different component and peripherals. However, this role doesn’t require a knowledge on designing and developing computer system.

Once should have understanding of different component of computer system will be good and successful in moving ladder faster.

If individual is looking into the technical role and excel in technical field can get into system engineering or Networking based on your interest. And work on getting technical expertise and start focusing on solution architect and enterprise architect for systems or network engineering.

To stand out in this field Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or relevant degree plus you should focus on some good industry certification available which covers from Associate to Expert Level certification.