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What is the typical day of work for a Hardware Engineer like?

I'm curious, what does the typical day of a hardware engineer look like?
Is there a constant stream of work or is it inconsistent with a few breaks in between large projects, is designing and testing all they do or is the work schedule more varied than that?

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4 answers

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Mohit’s Answer

There are different types of job as a Hardware Engineer let me try to break it up for you.

  1. Customer Support - These are the engineers who talk to you over the phone when you call for the support with any products.
  2. Field Support - These are the engineers who provide you support in person at a store like Best Buy / Walmart with your Hardware or they can be even scheduled for an onsite visit at your home or office based on your contract with them / company.
  3. Hardware Consultants - These are the engineers who generally work for designing and / or building a Data Center or a part of it, they are generally hired by the companies when they are setting a new location, upgrading or migrating from old technologies to new ones.
  4. Research & Development - These are the engineers who designs a product from core or enhances the design of a product, they do not interact with the customers most of the times directly.

I have worked as Customer Support as well as Hardware Consultant in my career.

All these roles have different job responsibilities and differ from each other.

Some of these roles have a designing and implementation aspect, whereas other are support role. Breaks are always there in each job. You are expected to work for a certain number of hours in a day and have your break time which can be taken as per your requirement.

Most of the companies allow some sort of flexible working where you do get enough and appropriate break timings.

Work depends on a lot of things, there can be high and low for work just like any other field sometimes we are overwhelmed whereas sometimes we have a slack period.

I hope I have been able to answer your query, based on my personal experience.

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Marianne’s Answer

A hardware engineer performs the following job functions:

- Designing new computer hardware, and creating the blueprints of computer equipment to be built

- Testing the completed models of the computer hardware

- Analyzing the test results and modify the design as needed

- Update existing computer equipment so that it will work with new software

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bongkyom’s Answer

Usually, hardware engineer is very busy during design and verification in the early stages of development, and once hardware development is complete, the work of supporting other teams is in progress, and at this time, there may be time for self-development.

During early stages of develment
1. Design HW (Schematic, BOM, Layout, etc)
2. Verification (Power, Interface, EMI, etc)
After hardware development or during development
1. Search new device for new project or alternate device for current project.
2. Search test equipment for more efficiency and accuracy.
3. Design HW test methodology

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Marianne’s Answer

Computer hardware engineers typically perform the following work functions:
- Design new computer hardware and create blueprints for building computer equipment
- Testing of the new computer hardware after it is built
- Analyze the test results and modify the blueprints as required
- Updating existing computer hardware so it will work with new software