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How did you get to be a coach?

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2 answers

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Sean’s Answer

Hi Christian,

Great question! I'll tell you how I got into coaching.

Becoming a coach is something you discover within yourself. Coaching came to me in terms of how I interpret the game and what things will happen. For instance, if a quarterback sees a Cover 3 Defense, what's the best option/receiver to go to in that situation. It's where you start dissecting, analyzing, and putting strategies into place and seeing how the game/play/point play out.

For me, coaching volleyball is something I'm very passionate about. I was never the tallest or the best player on the court, but I always put 110% into practice and game. The love of the game is what drove me. After a while I started talking with my coaches about strategies, who to serve or hit to based on their defensive skills - but also pointing out where our team needs to make adjustments.

Coaching is about making others better than yourself. And that's what I love to see. If you enjoy seeing someone else achieve a goal you were a part of, watching someone accomplish something they didn't seem was possible - that's a proud coaching moment.

Becoming a coach is about teaching others what you know, giving them the life lessons you've learned, and eventually take/excel in those teachings to be a better athlete in their next adventure (whether that's collegiate, club, professional, etc.)

Being a coach is a rewarding experience knowing that you were able to help grow/develop someone athletically into what they want to become.

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Rodolfo’s Answer