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What would be a reasonable salary range to expect for coaching?

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3 answers

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Gary’s Answer

It depends on a number of factors such as high school..middle school...head coaching in football pays the most.followed i believe by ?..sometimes it depends on the number of participants and the popularity of the sport..for example ..successful basketball coaches can make more than some football a former track coach i was paid less than all of the previously mentioned coaches..

I would surmise anywhere from $2500 to $15000 (head coaches ).

Gary recommends the following next steps:

Research salaries in nearby school districts
More certifications also means greater salary
Seek out dialogue with current head coaches in your chosen sport when possible
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Louan’s Answer

Hello Christian,

Profesional coaches could make a considerable income. As a wife of a professional coach I can tell you, there is a lot of moving and uncertainty in coaching at times. However, both my husband and I have found it worthwhile because of the young lives we get to encourage, teach, and support on and off the field.

Coaching is more of a blessing than not. It is an awesome responsibility and I consider it important work, no matter what level.

You could start out at the college level as a Football Graduate Assistant upon completion of an undergraduate degree and become an Assistant Coach depending on the division and conference making $50,000-$400,000. Head coaches make quite a bit more depending on the same.

It is a lot of hard work, time away from family, and travel, but if you have a heart for affecting young lives, coaching gives you ample ways to do it.
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Dominic’s Answer

As Gary says it depends on a number of factors. If you are thinking collegiate or even professional coaching down the line, the salaries are much larger. With the larger salaries come stronger competition and more applicants for few jobs. One way you can position yourself is by working as a student assistant to the coaching staff, whether that is simply an equipment assistant or a coach's aid. Internships and volunteering are a huge advantage you have while a student to build experience and your network. The key is to ask as many questions as possible and to work hard!