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What parts of coaching football do you find most challenging ?

I play football and sometimes I see the coaches stressed out about certain things athletics

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3 answers

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Jeremy’s Answer

When coaching football the key is understanding everyone’s talents and aligning them with team needs. Barriers sometimes need to be broken down to do this.
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Nicholas’s Answer

Like all aspects of a business, team, or group. It's managing people. When you have a crowd of multiple people in one setting, it's hard to find the right managing styles to lead a team. As a coach, you need to find the right way to lead a team, but different people respond to different ways of leadership. Please take my advice, and good luck!
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Gerardo’s Answer

My answer is based on coaching youth football, which I volunteered for 10 years. The top 3 toughest things were:
1. Building relationships with players and understanding their strengths.
2. Time Management (Making sure to have a practice/game plan helps) Teaching fundamentals is key.
3. Dealing with parents. Every year I have 1-3 parents that will complain about positions and playing time.