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Would the work involve any lifestyle changes, such as frequent travel or late-night business entertaining as a Advertising and Promotions Manager?

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3 answers

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Vince’s Answer

The roles and responsibilities will vary based on the size of the organization. Also, the type of organization will determine whether there is a budget for travel, entertainment expenses or client events. Larger companies and corporations will have a set budget for travel to client sights for business meetings, training and quarterly/annual business reviews. Entertainment expenses and client events may also be a part of this annual budget. These types of business meetings and client facing activities are usually reserved for Senior Advertising and Promotion Managers.

Junior marketing, advertising and promotion managers will not be placed in client facing roles until 1) training and onboarding phase is completed 2) proven their work brings value to the client relationship and engagement and 3) contribute something new to the discussion Senior Managers or clients did not discover or see that impacts revenue and the bottom-line of the business.

You can expect to work late nights and weekends with your marketing, advertising and promotions teams. This is actually the most fun, exciting and challenging aspect of the job. It is important to be aware of and remember the life-cycle and calendar schedule of a marketing, advertising and promotions team member. Marketing, advertising and promotions campaigns run on the following cycles 1) Annually - extremely busy meeting with clients, gathering requirements, developing strategy, implementing, deploying and executing these new campaigns. The remainder of the fiscal year, monitoring performance, optimizing and reporting on results. (Example: Extremely busy October - December - if the client's fiscal year, begins in January).

2) Quarterly - very busy at the beginning of each quarter. New campaigns are created, implemented, deployed and executed. (Example: Very busy months: December, March, June, September, repeat cycle). Monthly performance monitoring, optimizing and reporting to client.

3) Semi-Annually - not quite as busy. New campaigns created at the beginning of the fiscal year, and the mid-year. (Example: Busy in November - December and May - June). Performance monitoring, campaign optimization and reporting to client occurs at the end of 6 months.

You can expect late nights before new campaigns are launched. You can also expect late nights in preparation for quarterly, semi-annual and annual client meetings if you contributed to the setup, implementation, maintenance, support and reporting of these campaigns. This is a big responsibility that requires, focus, determination, commitment, hard work and attention to detail. The good news is you will have a team working with you to pull this all together. And the biggest advantage, in my opinion, is all the knowledge, growth and learning you will experience as an individual marketing, advertising and promotions manager.

The question for now is: what do you want to learn from your experience as an Advertising and Promotions Manager? Are you willing to commit to the role and responsibilities in order to make each client campaign and engagement a success?

Best of luck with your professional career search.

Here are a couple of next steps I recommend you take into consideration:

Vince recommends the following next steps:

Decide what size company are you looking to become an Advertising and Promotions Manager?
What are the hours you are targeting for a daily and weekly schedule? Are your nights and weekends off-limits?
What are your must haves? You must have a job where you work from 6am - 2pm, 9am - 5pm, etc.?
What are your trade-offs that you are willing to make in order to secure a role and gain the experience as an Advertising and Promotions Manager?
What skills and experience will you bring to a company looking to hire an Advertising and Promotions Manager, that set you apart from the competition?

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Keri’s Answer

The expectations of any job really depends upon the company (and/or even your direct manager/department's) culture and operating model. You will find a variety of companies that will require working weekends / late nights or none at all outside of 9-5. Another example is some companies may require you to go into the office every day and others may allow remote work from home.

Keri recommends the following next steps:

When looking at any position, be flexible and understanding of the company's needs but also share back any hard restrictions that you may have to maintain a reasonable work-life balance. Continue to have conversations with your manager and understand there are phases that include times that are more demanding vs less.

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Cheryl’s Answer

The amount of travel will depend on your job, the agency and your client. I've had jobs where I would travel once a quarter and then others where I would have to look at my luggage tag to see where I was when I would get my morning wake up call. I've enjoyed both levels of travel. I've been able to travel to amazing cities and experience new things. You can even take a job where you travel internationally which is a great way to see the world.