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How long did it take to study in college for becoming a registered nurse?

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3 answers

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Julie’s Answer

Most bachelor's degree programs for nursing take at least four years or 8 semesters to complete. If you attend college part-time that time may be increased. In most colleges the freshmen and sophomore years are spent taking general education courses and prerequisites to enter the nursing program such as anatomy and physiology, developmental psychology, and other science courses like chemistry and microbiology.

Most colleges have an admissions and application process for becoming a nursing major and entering the School of Nursing at the university that you attend. You will probably complete this in your sophomore year. Typically you need a minimum GPA, scores on an nursing admission tests, transcripts, and maybe an interview.

In your third and fourth year, you will take nursing course and will complete clinical rotations at a hospital. The clinicals will be supervised by your instructor and nurse preceptor and your hospital. You should be prepared to have long days and quite a bit of studying to complete for your classes.

Julie recommends the following next steps:

Research the program requirements for nursing schools at universities in which you are interested.
Shadow a nurse to see what a typical day is like as a nurse.

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Richard’s Answer

4 years to obtain a bachelor’s degree and become a registered nurse.

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Amy’s Answer

I am not an RN. However, I have several in my family. It's typically a 4 year BSN. Bachelor Science of Nursing. And the programs can be difficult to enter as in having a specific GPA after your 2nd year per the University program.