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How to improve the english grammer?

Hai ! i am Ebince.I am studying 9th standard . English grammar is very important for all student. I like this english grammar. How to understand the english grammar? How to improve my Grammar skills? #teaching #teacher #professor #english #english-grammar

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4 answers

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Stephanie’s Answer

Hi Ebince,

I agree with the advice from Leslie Finger! Please watch all kinds of television with the closed caption. You can do this online with your favorite videos, documentaries, and more. I would also read some entertainment magazines like People, OK!, and others. These magazine use lots of American cliches and Americanisms - phrases that are used and understood regularly. Sometimes this helps greatly. So, turn on the closed captions and buy some American entertainment magazines and read!

Good luck as you master English language and grammar.

thank you sir Jeevika S.

Thank you sir Sankardhayalan M.

thank you vary much Yokeshwaran K.

thank you very much! Sharmila R.

Thank you sir keerthana B.

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Leslie’s Answer

Hi Ebince!

Something that I have found helpful when trying to improve my skills in a new language is to watch television shows in that language and then turn on subtitles ALSO in that language. Ideally you would do this on some sort of device where you can pause it if necessary. So you would watch a show in English and then turn on the English subtitles. That way, if there's a word you don't know or a grammar construction that's unfamiliar, you can pause it and look it up.

I found this very useful when studying Spanish, and I imagine it would work for many languages, including English. Good luck!

thank you mam Nandhini R.

this answer is informative and thanks Jeevika S.

Thank you.I like this answer. Ebince R.

Thank you mam. keerthana B.

Thank you for your information. Sankardhayalan M.

thank you mam Yokeshwaran K.

Thank you so much mam.It's very informative. Sabarideepa N.

thank you very much for kind informetion Sharmila R.

good lick Renugadevi S.

Thank you ma'am for your kind information.. Piyu C.

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abdul’s Answer

Hi Ebince,

I agree strongly with Leslie Finger about a device that could be used. I would like to add that authenticated or good reading material would also help. If you have access to the internet, then there are several articles that could be read.... However the secret is to PRACTICE..... and that could start as simple fun exercises eg., speak to someone in your locality who is good at that language. The fun part is to start THINKING in the language you would like to learn... then when you speak to the person who is good at the language, it would give the person an opportunity to correct you and the two of you could share a good laugh. It's easier to remember things that are associated with fun rather than a serious lecture or discussion.


Thank you abdul Sankardhayalan M.


sir very much Renugadevi S.

thank you sir Yokeshwaran K.

thank you sir Yokeshwaran K.

Thank you sir keerthana B.

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Mark’s Answer

Hi Ebince,
Guess what? English is very difficult to learn because it has been collected from thousands of words and many rules of other countries. Plenty phrases have come from the Arabians. So you'll have to memorize the spelling and grammar, then practice by reading and writing and chatting with your friends and family members. Best wishes.